Pictures of Poverty
A Realistic Take on the Issue

Pictures of poverty are often denounced as a form of "poverty porn" for their staged look (see many NGOs websites) made to force you feel like donating.

No matter how much this is true, what you'll find here is a first collection of photos of poverty taken by amateurs or semi-pros on Flickr that I personally like.

This also guarantees more realism since they have no money to make in this.

Finally don't forget you can upload your own pictures of poverty, preferably with the story or context that comes with it, at the bottom of the page.

Poverty pictures #1: children

Description of image This was taken in Manila, Philippines. It's a school project for "Civics Welfare Training Service" consisting of story telling based on Filipino myths that the children can connect to.
(Photo courtesy of miszpinay)
Description of image "Slum Dweller"
(Photo courtesy of overfly)
Description of image A group of children, who lives in the slums, smile after eating a hot meal provided by KIM Ministries outside Manilla, Philippines. The ministry provides 2 feedings a day, six days a week all over the area. (Photo courtesy of macisaguy)
Description of image "Smiles Despite Poverty". These boys are full of joy despite living in one of the poorest ares outside of Kampala, Uganda. (Photo courtesy of macisaguy)
Description of image A young Ugandan boy spends time walking through and playing next to trash day in and day out. Piles of garbage like this are scattered everywhere in this neighborhood, and is often the source of food for wild animals, and "toys" for local children. (Photo courtesy of macisaguy)

Poverty pictures #2: Misc

Description of image "The Eye".
(Photo courtesy of John Steven Fernandez)
Description of image "Lucre District". One of the many flood victims in the Lucre District of Cuzco, Peru.
(Photo Courtesy of lisahumes)
Description of image "Misery & Poverty"
(Photo courtesy of Angelo Gonzalez)
Description of image "Colors of Poverty" in India
(Photo courtesy of Shahnawaz Sid)
Description of image "It's The Worrying That Kills You"
(Photo courtesy of tarotastic)
Description of image "Sta Tomando Banho" (Taking A Bath)... in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
(Photo courtesy of Marco Gomes)
Description of image "To Help My Family..."
(Photo courtesy of Edward Allen L. Lim)

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