Obama, debt and poverty in the United States

by Al Chamberlain & Andrew K.
(USA & South Korea)

Here are 2 submissions in one. One republican vs. one democrat (my own educated guess :)). I received both submissions almost at the same time... on the same topic! So I thought it'd be more interesting to put them together to create a better debate. Hope you don't mind guys.

To Al Chamberlain: your submission was much smaller than Andrew's so feel free to reply in the comment section.
Enough blabla, here it is:

Al Chamberlain (Missouri, USA)

If we were able to get OBAMA out of office in 2012 It would help the US a lot,He is making the USA a total MESS and if he gets back in in 2012 we will really be in very BAD shape.WE ARE SO FAR IN DEBT,THAT OUR GRANDKIDS AND GREAT GRAND KIDS WILL SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY,,,HE IS KILLING ALL OF US,WE REALLY NEED HELP-HELP---

Andrew K. (writing from Korea)

Dear Dario,
I agree with some of what you say, some is interesting but I'd like to add my own view, directly from what I can witness from here (with Korean hindsight). Obama is too good, too polite, too civilized and compromising. In times of crisis he should be strong and firm. But then again if the Congress is against him then maybe the system is flawed. I despise their little partisanship game where each party pulls in its own direction for its own petty interests. If our politicians truly love our country then at least in times of crisis they should be working together.

But no, "let's do everything in our power to prevent Obama from being elected again, even if that means leaving the country to complete destruction for the next 12 months". And from Democrats it's often no better either! This country will go down not because of India or China, not because of Obama but because of this partisan war in which all fellow Americans will end up killing each other. Makes me want to throw up.

About China then. Since I've lived there a couple of years I can tell you a couple of things. You always hear dumb comments such as this or that senator (or even Obama) is giving jobs away to China. It's really silly to think that a US politician would be working for China considering how much people freak out about this country.

But when you look at facts, the Chinese government loved Bush, and if they loved him it's because he's been good to them. Koreans and Chinese know that their countries grew the most during the Bush era. The US obsession with wars left a HUGE whole in international trade, the US money went to Defense and less to Education and Research, the number of Chinese and Korean patents went up so much (ok mostly Korean ones). At least that's what I've learnt here.

Final word? This mess didn't show up in only 2 years. It'd be very simplistic to think so, you just don't accumulate thousands of billions of debt in 2-3 years. Sometimes I really feel that my country is doomed in every possible way... I'm scared. And I don't know when I'll be going back home.

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