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The whole idea behind my "SEO for NGO" service is to make my experience and know-how available for a cause that matters.

That means working with NGOs and other small & social businesses that have a positive impact on the economy or otherwise help fight poverty, discrimination and social exclusion.

Digital marketing & SEO can help with that by dramatically increasing an organisation's presence and visibility on the Internet; thus broadening the impact of their actions and campaigns.

Expert SEO consulting for everyone

Without the right strategy and digital marketing techniques, what happens is that the inequalities of the real world are replicating online.

And this is exactly what's happening right now: a few websites are being incomparably more successful online than the rest - simply because they can hire expert SEO consultants to work for them and guide the development of their online presence. The 1% vs 99% is reproduced on the Internet via sheer lack of knowledge.

"A handful of organisations is incomparably more successful on the web than the rest"

So, I’d rather take part in ventures that I'm passionate about and that I support, such as NGOs and exciting social entreprises that need visibility and attention.

Consider this, if by working 3-4 hours a week during 8 months I can bring to compete with professional websites that have disbursed millions of dollars in slick design and SEO ... then it also means that they're not all doing it the right way, right? This means there's a great opportunity for your organization to take off.

About the world of expert SEO consulting

What they don't want you to know

I know of thousands of retired folks and stay-at-home moms who did not know a single thing about SEO. Eventually, with the right training they were able to master the whole thing within a few months. Today each of their websites enjoy a steady 5,000 visitors a day… 150,000 visitors a month !

It is in SEO experts’ interest not to tell you everything at once so you keep on paying for their services month after month. As for me, I consider myself first and foremost a specialist in East Asia, Public Policy & International Development. I like figuring out solutions for longstanding problems.

The only reason I became interested in "SEO for NGO" was to use SEO for the right cause(s). That would be helping NGOs & social businesses gain visibility to promote their campaigns and messages.

About SEO for NGO

“What is the secret to SEO?”

The answer is: over time it’s all about content (and links). Optimized or not. But for a new business/organization, optimizing the content makes a huge difference. It means generating traffic in only 6 months rather than in 5 years.

"The secret to SEO?
Great content and quality links"

With the right SEO techniques, you'll be quickly ranking high in Google's search results. Why ranking high? Simply because high ranking means high number of visitors (i.e. traffic) to your website just as many potential customers.

Go for content & good research

With great search and analytical tools come better keywords. Great content is the key... but where to begin? Keyword research. This is the basics of the basics, it's knowing about the demand and supply online. Keywords are indeed a great way to look at what people are searching for online and how many of them are doing so (i.e. the online demand around a topic).

I use a proprietary software that pulls demand and supply data about keywords from around the globe, thus helping me to gain an edge on most competitors who tend to only use "Adwords", a free tool provided by Google. When you get something for free, you get the quality that goes with it.

How it works - Expert SEO Consulting

- A keyword list tailored to your website - +100 keywords stemming from professional research & analytics tools. Each keyword comes with data providing demand and supply (i.e. competition);

- Website development plan - integrating your new keywords into a development strategy;

- Link-building and online marketing strategies (including content & social media strategies);

- On-page keyword optimization - meta-tags, keyword density, copywriting techniques. All the rules that no one will tell you, so that so-called SEO experts can sell overpriced softwares;

- SEO audit - how SEO-friendly is your website? From XML sitemaps to search engine crawling issues, design, user-friendliness. Receive complete reports as part of the service.

And don’t worry, no matter how tech- or web-savvy you are, I’ll show you how to do all this and help you with your website step-by-step.

The SEO for NGO Guarantee

seo service guarantee ranking u

SEO consulting service - $500

• Traffic Boost - +10,000 visitors a month

• Authority & Visibility - increase your conversion rate and the reach of your messages

• Tailored Services

• Anything, Anytime - I'll be there to help and answer your questions

• 30 days money back guarantee

... and I'm throwing in tons of SEO resources for FREE to keep your organization growing for the years to come: guides to SEO good practices, link-building, social media, copywriting, online business models, etc.

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