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Video production in the UK & International

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I have been working as a freelance filmmaker since 2008 - years before I even started Poverties.org.

Since then launching an audio-video production studio has always been a priority, but I also wanted it to be part of a bigger project.

I've now gathered a team of talented people (journalists, technicians, musicians) to assist me in each and every aspect of filmmaking:

"If a picture tells a 1000 words what is the impact of a video?"

  • Scriptwriting
  • HD Filming & Directing
  • HD video editing
  • Film score composition
  • Online distribution
  • Broadcast
  • Corporate
  • Social/events
  • Documentaries
  • Web videos

Aside from specialising in video for NGO & small businesses, I also run an independent audio-video production company with a small team in the UK.

Recent work

Speak to your audience

canon 7D - documentary film production London UK

Why should NGOs and small businesses get into video?

• Branding: introduce your organization, your team, how you work

• Promotion: your campaigns, products and services

• Training & Education ("How to" videos)

• Testimonials

• Connecting with your visitors: get them to know you!

What you gain from video production?


On the whole, they better understand what you are doing to improve the world. You gain in transparency via a clear way to introduce your organization and its actions.

Engagement & commitment

They like your organization, share your content and take part in your campaigns (e.g. volunteering, fundraising, donations). On average, video has shown to increase user engagement (purchases, donations) by 15-20% when used correctly in a "selling page".

Harness the power of social media

social media video marketing

We offer you several years of experience in filmmaking, digital marketing and SEO for videos. It means you'll help get potential visitors to easily find and watch your videos. We’ll help you create and optimize your own channel on YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms if needed.

We'll introduce you to all the tools what will give more visibility to your videos and make your life simpler.

Our audio video production studio allows you to harness the last changes on YouTube to generate the maximum impact for your videos. Make it easier for users to find and share your videos!

Your own music and audio tracks

In order to maintain low costs of video production we also provide our own professional music and sound effects. If you wish to, you can work with us on the general atmosphere of the video, the impression you want it to give and we’ll find the right tone for you.

What's in the package

Sony HDR-FX1 camera

Poverties.org offers you different packages as well as custom ones with its audio-video production studio. Needless to say, the longer the video is, the cheaper the minute costs.

I am currently based in the UK (London). Obviously I'd love to travel over to whichever country where you need filming, but you'd then have to add the travel expenses to the bill. Also, if you need just editing for your footage, the price will be about 30% less on average.

In the end it all depends on your needs, what type of video you're looking for and how innovative you want this to be. Our standard video production pricing works as follow:

- 30 sec.–1 min - £150 ($250): e.g. snapshot of your organization, great to make a first impression (e.g. for a website’s home page); may include one interview;

- 1-2 min - £200 to £250 ($300-350): e.g. more in-depth overview, great to generate more genuine interest and better explain your core mission and actions/campaigns;

- 2-3 min - £250 to £350 ($400-550): e.g. tell your whole story and engage your visitors like no other medium. Get them to know you and support you;

- Custom: Documentary, in-depth interview, short fiction.

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