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Poverties.org is a website dedicated to publicizing social scientific research & providing quality information on economic development, public policy, human rights and discrimination - despite a writing style at times sarcastic and cynical. Poverties.org is a humanist, nonpartisan website that looks for facts and analysis to counterbalance many views about poverty that are merely grounded in beliefs and biased observations.

There's a lot of news (or noise?) about poverty and more NGOs out there than ever, but in spite of the huge progress made there's still a ton of preconceived ideas and pointless sentimentalism out there. So I want to do my best to help you make sense of the headlines all while maintaining a minimum amount of perspective, if not humour. I find it makes the horror of some situations easier to digest.

About the website

Poverties.org now attracts over 100,000 visitors per month and offers a variety of articles comparing what works and what doesn't when fighting poverty. Over 80% of visitors come to the website via natural search results, thanks to an SEO strategy that has increased the website's visibility very early on.

Poverties.org has become a small hub for in-depth, practical information for professionals (NGOs, businesses) and the wider public (students, teachers, citizens) on how to fight poverty and how to better understand it.

The end goal is to contribute to the building of well-functioning and dynamic societies by facilitating the access to crucial information to the population. We strive to develop people's capabilities around the world so that they can reach their maximum potential, by empowering them with the solutions to their own problems.

"Ending poverty isn't a gesture of charity, it's an act of justice"
Nelson Mandela

Who's behind it?

Dario Berrebi - Researcher & Web Entrepreneur
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Dario Berrebi

I'm a digital strategist, researcher, translator and videographer. I live to enjoy the variety of projects. Most of all I seek to understanding how large systems work. From cultures and languages to technology and society.

I founded Poverties.org in 2011 as I felt there was a need for quality information on economic and social development. I've been actively involved in issues such as social justice, immigration, social exclusion and volunteered at a few local NGOs during while I was living in China.

I currently live in the UK but was born in France, my mom's from Brazil and my dad from Tunisia which makes me... a bit of everything! I've always lived in a multicultural environment, studied Chinese, Korean, International Trade, then went to New Media and the World Wild Web.

I'm always trying to integrate every possible tool at my disposal to innovate and better communicate with people (websites, video, social media, photography).

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  • Providing a list of NGOs - Google already provides everything you need!
  • Selling me any SEO services. I work in digital strategy so... it's quite pointless :)

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